Many businesses find themselves investing in expensive – very nice looking websites that fall short of expectations for what it contributes to the growth of the business. Just as there being so much more than a pretty face, there’s so much more to pretty website. The backend of the website must be organized with just as much attention as its visible design and navigation. The following are recommendations of ways to ensure your website is working as hard as you are to grow your business.

Website Audit

FreshPress recommends starting any website project with an audit. The website audit serves as a baseline to track improvements and will save time and money by identifying, specifically, what is impacting the performance of your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Our website audits are free and analyze all factors that impact search performance. We provide our clients access to a portal that continually monitors/audits their website’s search performance and social media presence compared to their competitors, so problems are recognized quickly and managed efficiently. Site speed, responsiveness, and stale, irrelevant content are the most common factors we find inhibiting SEO. Whereas, misaligned citations and unmonitored review sites plague other parts of the business’ digital footprint.

New-Relevant Content

Site speed and responsiveness are easy technical adjustments, but stale, irrelevant content is a hole that needs some work to dig out. Stale, irrelevant content often occurs when a business invests in launching a website then never touches it again. The search engine algorithms used to determine search rankings of websites are continuously crawling through the web looking for new content. The algorithm ignores previously viewed content and triggers on and scores new/added content. The algorithm will also score by the keyword relevance of the content and website traffic generated by the new content. The higher scores your website generates over your competitors, the higher your ranking on the search list.

So, new content is extremely important to the SEO of your website and, if done in a systematic manner (content management), it can be cheap and easy to implement. In most cases, it’s 300 to 500 word posts added every week to the news section of your website in the form of announcements, recognitions, service/product highlights, and spotlights of stakeholders with multiple links of the article to social media posts.  In addition, the links can be emailed to newsletter or customer lists. Many companies outsource content management to companies like FreshPress, which has a pool of professional writers who follow a calendar of articles pulled together with the client to research, write, and still save money in comparison to advertising and website upgrade costs. We advise our clients to save even more money by allowing us to ramp up their content management strategy then transition the maintenance to in-house talent.

Repurposing New Content

Brochures or rack cards have a relatively short shelf life before cost is incurred to replace and print something new. The new collateral looks nice and is something different to give to a referral source, but often the content is a regurgitation of the previous piece. Contacts being given the same information over and over get tired of talking about information they already know and become less and less engaged with your field reps.

We discovered that business contacts are much more engaged when the business development or sales rep includes something new and relevant in their interaction with the contact. Freshpress Marketing includes in its content management strategy the ability for business development reps to download and print a well-branded and formatted flier of every new content post on the website.

This is not only a huge cost savings from having to recreate and print new brochures, more importantly it gives relevant messaging for your reps to use in the field that is also synced to the messaging coming from your website. Adding relevance to your messaging with referral sources increases credibility and business.

Contact FreshPress Marketing now (615-973-5503) for a free website audit and to discuss how your business can be more efficient and effective with a content management strategy.