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Although they are often used interchangeably, brand development and brand management are not the same. Brand development is an exercise of identifying the authentic and unshakable standards of how your organization wants to be known by customers, employees and your market(s) and thus is the bedrock for managing all internal and external communications required to compliment the development of brand equity.


FreshPress Marketing provides solutions to develop, enhance and leverage your brand to grow your business. Having a powerful brand is critical to differentiating your company from your competitors, eliciting customer loyalty for repeat business, and acquiring new customers. A well executed brand strategy defines the expectations of your product or services to your customers, thereby encouraging them to be more apt to suggest your company to family, friends, and colleagues.

Brand development and brand management are often used interchangeably, but FreshPress Marketing believes they are very different. Brand development is an exercise of identifying the authentic and unshakable standards of how your organization wants to be known by customers, employees and your market(s). It draws from the fundamental principles, character, personalities ,and values of the organization in order to best position and differentiate itself in the market. FreshPress Marketing coordinates a company’s brand development exercise to deliver key messaging to define the company’s culture, customer profiles that match the organization’s culture and visual representations to capture both. The development of an organization’s brand can occur during startup, but the reality is that the market is always changing, so a company’s brand should be assessed and adjusted from time to time to maintain a strong market presence.

Brand management involves the strategies used to communicate the brand that has been developed. The strategies may include various marketing campaigns, employee/customer engagement strategies, advertising, public relations, and strategic business development, all of which have a base in the standards and narratives that were developed in the brand. FreshPress Marketing assists organizations with threading the principles and messaging of the brand through all of its external and internal communications.

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Expanding your brand and having the leverage to grow your brand is vital to a business’ success. Critical to brand development is a thorough understanding of one’s business and how it compares with competitors. What does your brand offer that industry competitors do not? Think about how your brand attributes could change in order to better serve customers.

Auditing one’s business, for instance, can be a helpful tool.  Seeking input from current and prospective customers can assist decision-makers in branding the business and influencing customer behavior. Securing customer reviews and information about experiences can also prove beneficial. When people feel that they know what to expect in their dealings with a company and that the company is reliable and consistent, they are more prone to recommend the company to family, friends, and colleagues. This creates brand continuity, which is essential to long-term business success.

Another strategy for shaping branding involves monitoring online mentions of one’s business, which can provide useful information. Are current or prospective customers talking about the business and, if so, what are they saying? If you strive to build a strong brand, it is valuable to know exactly where the company stands.

Initial encounters with prospective customers are important factors in building a brand, as first impressions set the tone for future interactions. A company’s staff, at every level, should be clear about the company’s mission, desired outcomes, and business practices.

Your brand image should speak to what your target audiences care about and value. What most companies want is enhanced employee efficiency and the ability and aptitude to meet customer needs and exceed customer satisfaction.


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