Data Mining & Analytics

FreshPress Marketing works with our clients to develop marketing campaigns and strategic business development strategies through the enhanced use of data, analytics, and reporting that produce more leads, more responses, more customers, and more business.


As a company matures, so does the data they acquire that defines their customer profiles, purchase or referral behaviors, and the marketing and strategic business development strategies best suited for getting in front of their targeted customers. All too often though, the management of this valued data falls behind the ability to use the data to develop more cost-effective and targeted strategies. When companies seek to leverage their acquired data, its often in various departmental data silos that can’t communicate with one another enough to draw useful insights toward growing the business.

FreshPress Systems Support offers data mining and analytic solutions that pools the data from all of the silos onto an integrated “big data” platform. In some cases, relevant third party data can be appended to the acquired data to compliment the data’s meaningfulness. FreshPress Systems Support will then assist clients with queries and analysis of the data to produce insights for best targeting the business drivers for growth. 

FreshPress offers the follow data mining and analytic services:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Appending Client Data (cross-selling and retention)
  • Appending Prospect Data (using insights from customer profiles & segmentation)
  • Measuring Marketing Spend to Acquisition/Cross-Selling Results (ROI)
  • Payor Mix Analysis to Identify the Most Profitable Customers or Referral Sources
  • New Business Site Selection and Modeling

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