business marketing essentials


There’s so much to juggle with starting and growing a business, while needing it to be generating revenue fast. While there are many components to a good marketing strategy the following is a checklist of some marketing essentials to jump start your business:


Having a web presence doesn’t have to be expensive or take a great deal of time to manage. It gives credibility to your business and is by far the best way for customers to find you and learn about your services. CAUTION: 90% of all businesses will invest in a website and then not audit and manage their site’s performance in search engine rankings to its competitors.

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Business Facebook Page

This is an excellent marketing tool for attracting the attention of your targeted customers, and it’s super easy to manage and launch advertising campaigns.

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Google My Business (GMB) Profile

This is as essential as your website. Many clients/customers will attempt to call or visit your business based off of the local listing results on Google and Bing without clicking through to your website. It is imperative that you verify, update with accurate contact information and hours and fully optimize this listing for potential internet traffic.

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Reputation Management

Laying the foundation for controlling your online reputation can save your business a lot of money and time if done correctly in the early stages.. Identifying 3rd party websites where customers may leave reviews, claiming the listings and updating your Name, Address & Phone (NAP) across all listings is key to successfully managing your reputation online as your business grows. If you have already experienced negative reviews, there are proven methods for contending and countering those as well.

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Email & Automated Marketing (Marketing Automation)

Great way of directly communicating with your customers for more business and referrals. We recommend an automated platform, the extra time spent setting it up will prime the growth of your business and save an enormous amount of your most valuable resource….time.

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