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Creating and executing a strategic business development plan can be a daunting task for many business development leaders, especially in today’s complex business environment. Once the strategy is developed, the next step is to execute the strategy. This will require support and assistance to assemble strong, committed teams; manage internal and external stakeholders; and continuously shape business development strategies.

It is very important to overlay a strategic development plan with a system of accountability for team members to execute the plan. Business development teams will work primarily outside of direct supervision. So it’s necessary to have the right individuals hired and supervision in place to ensure the team is focused on developing the best relationships and messaging to fully develop the accounts (strategically assigned organizations or individuals) targeted to grow your business.

Given the lack of direct oversight, it’s equally as important to develop ways to maintain the business development team’s connection to the organization. Otherwise, their messaging about the business will become stale, they’ll become disconnected for business growth initiatives, and eventually be at risk of be hired away by your competition. The strategic business development team leader must develop regimental strategies for connecting to team members individually, as a team, and with the organization. 

FreshPress Systems Support has the experienced strategic business development leadership talent who can assist with training, support, and bridging of the executive direction of the company to accountable leadership of the strategic business development teams. FreshPress Systems Support will work closely with executive leadership and the team to create a strategic business development plan and implement operational processes for developing an effective team.

Talent Retention (“managing tunrover with a plan”)


The reality of having an effective business development team is that you will experience some churn of very talented and valuable members of the team. The key is to minimize the turnover as much as possible with systems to develop loyalty, goal setting, and growth-focused opportunities. Non-competes can work to some extent with some team members, but in many cases non-competes can be a deterrent from hiring very talented BD individuals who could pull a book of business from your competition

FreshPress Systems Support provides assistance for sourcing talent and developing retention programs within your business development team. We can also create protocols to manage terminations and very tight on-boarding plans to get new hires contributing as quickly as possible.


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