Managing Your Marketing Agency


Agencies will always offer innovative strategies, campaigns, execution and technology to reach your targeted customers. That’s what they do and they do it very well. There are a number of ways your business can engage in outsourced marketing services. Most clients and agency’s prefer engaging in an annual agreement which assigns the agency with various marketing services to support the growth of the business. This type of agreement ensures the execution of required services while also maintaining the agency as a quick resource to access other marketing related services. It’s a great solution for the business and allows the agency to budget its resources to the value of the agreement. The agreements are typically auto-renewable and work well for all until inevitable changes occur in the business growth strategy, then rubs begin to occur with expectations and support performance.

When issues occur between your business growth strategy and your agency, it’s time to revisit their agreement and structure a plan for detailing the specific services you are needing to support your needs. With the right agreement, your agency can continue to be a valued asset for growth. Securing the best agreement for your business is a comprehensive process of ensuring all your business requirements are covered, your not paying for services you don’t need, performance metrics are included to capture marketing ROI, and that your support services are adequately covered to avoid one-off expenses.  FreshPress Systems Support can assist with assessing current or proposed agreements and with negotiating terms to the best interest of the client.


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