Marketing Agency Transition


Business’ and marketing agency’ expectations will at times get so twisted that either side may need to make the decision to terminate the agreement and respectfully part ways. Just as with employment situations in your organization, agencies will cycle in and out of  your business. All to often businesses sacrifice potential growth by remaining with a misaligned agency which they feel is too integrated into their business systems and processes to terminate them without causing a significant disruption in their business.

Your marketing agency is the same as your other outsourced vendors that you hire to support your business. Their performance should be leveraged with your continued engagement with them. As with any business relationship, all efforts to align expectations should be exhausted before giving notice of terminating the relationship. If termination is the looming decision, its very important to begin preparing a comprehensive transition plan that minimizes any risks or disruptions that could occur with transitioning to your new provider.

If FreshPress Marketing is not a good agency match for your business, we have no problem with helping you transition to another that’s better suited to meet your needs. We can assist with developing a comprehensive transition plan with detailed executables for transitioning your assets and services to your new provider. FreshPress Marketing can also be available to fill any disruptive gaps that may arise during the transition. Our support has helped many businesses make this decision easier and with minimal disruption.


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