Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Imagine reaching your targeted customer when they are searching for your exact product or service, then captivating them with tailored messaging that motivates them to visit your website, respond to your call to action and eventually contributes to your company’s bottom line. A well thought out and executed PPC campaign does exactly that, while at the same time defining the details of how the conversion occurred in order to systematic improve the efficiencies of future campaigns.


Competing online is no small feat. Pay per click advertising is a complex process of digitally targeting the right customers for your business at any stage of the buying cycle. Delivering a targeted ad to your potential customers at the exact moment they are searching is a key feature of pay per click advertising. Generating qualified traffic (“prospective business”) goes much deeper than creating a few ads and selecting a handful of keywords. It involves in-depth research, testing, adaption, refinement, and scaling. Our FreshPress Marketing team isertified to PPC managers (Google, Bing, …) and has proven process dedicated to help your business to lift current campaigns or start your PPC campaigns today.


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