Strategic Account Management (SAM)

FreshPress Systems Support is experienced with developing strategic account management plans, which are bedrocked in relevant data and integrated within the organization’s growth strategy. We can help with setting up account management protocols for monitoring performance of each account by rep, continuously rating accounts for targeting and adjustments, with reporting that quantifies business development’s impact on growth.


Used historically with businesses whose revenue sources are dependent of varied business to business (B:B) relationships, Strategic Account Management has evolved as the management of dedicated sales and marketing processes toward nurturing/growing existing business and acquiring new business. Its strength is its base as a customer-focused, long-term relationship development strategy for retaining valued business partners and referral sources/channels, while simultaneously maintaining a pulse on the industry and consumer behavior for new business opportunities.

Strategic account management plans typically start with an analysis of all the individuals, businesses, and referral sources that have/are contributing to the organization’s growth, or are not currently contributing to growth but should be. Often the data used in the account management plan can be appended to to derive better value metrics of each account’s current and potential value to the business. The analysis should also include the profiling of accounts in order to group and develop preferred messaging, contact strategies, and frequencies for the business development team. Ideally, the customer profiles and grouped strategies are also used as an overlay for identifying new accounts in the market to target for engagement.

FreshPress Systems Support is experienced with developing strategic account management plans, as well as defining the various marketing and sales support services needed to reach its full potential. Services include:

  • Account analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Discovery and launch of systems to support business development (i.e. CRM’s and marketing automation platforms)
  • Incorporating strategic account management within the business development functions within the organization.

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