Transitioning your Marketing In-House


When you started your business, you may have worn all the hats of your organization, including marketing. Or, you may have outsourced your marketing needs to an agency to help you launch and grow your business. Regardless, as your business grows you will from time to time have to consider whether to continue doing it all yourself, adding or renewing expensive agreements for outsourced marketing services, or assigning/hiring in-house staff to manage your marketing. Bringing your marketing services in-house may be the competitive edge your business needs for next level growth

Outsourced marketing agencies will always be an asset for bringing new and innovative strategies to incorporate into your marketing plan and campaigns.  However, once the new and innovative strategies are implemented the goal would be to transition the on-going execution of the strategy to a less expensive in-house marketing team.  Your in-house team will know your business better than any outsourced provider and is better positioned to make strategy adjustments to changes in your market. 

FreshPress Systems Support can help by processing through all the logistics of your decision. Then, depending on your decision, our team of agency operators and marketing executives can draw on their experience to assist with developing a customized plan to seamlessly transition your outsourced services to members of your team, or assist with the formation of an in-house marketing team.


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