I’m reminded of a time I was talking to the owner of shop that I’ve been taking my family’s cars to for service. I’ve been using this shop for years and consider myself a very loyal customer. One day I was picking up one of our vehicles and had an opportunity to speak to the owner. I was delighted to tell him how loyal a customer I was when the owner interrupted me to ask, “Thanks, tell me some of the people you referred to my shop?” I was stumped.  I actually could not recall anyone I had referred to his business. The owner responded to my stammering by simply stating, “I’m happy you appreciate our services as we work hard to earn each of our customer’s continued business. We’ve found that happy customers refer us to their friends and family and will post great reviews of our business.” I actually felt embarrassed that I had not been very vigilant in referring business to him. Quickly, I took to the stump to any and all who would hear me that if your not using this shop, you are doing a grave disservice to your car.

I can definitively claim this shop owner as a close friend of mine now.  His business has realized multiple expansions by making it a general practice to ask customers to refer them to others and to post a review of their satisfaction. I often tell this story to clients as an example of the power of “Word of Mouth” (WOM) marketing and how easy it is to execute by simply asking customers for more business. Most highly satisfied customers feel almost obligated to refer businesses to others and simply need a little nudge to remind them to do so.

Guess what?? “Word of Mouth” marketing is not only one of the most effective marketing strategies, it’s also FREE!! Additionally, most successful businesses are aware of the importance of maintaining a good digital presence with positive reviews. A simple “Word of Mouth” strategy like this can be extremely beneficial for maintaining positive online review ratings by simply asking happy customers to post a 5 star rating and review. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of “if” your business is going to get a negative review, it’s really about “when” the negative review(s) will happen. The amazing thing about the way review rankings work is that the positive reviews you receive essentially bury the impact of any negative reviews.

FreshPress Marketing helps clients develop and implement “Word of Mouth” digital marketing campaigns and is experienced in executing strategies to remind and assist happy customers to post good reviews. Please schedule a free consultation to assess how these strategies will work to grow your business.